Brazilian psychic Athos Salome dubbed the ‘Living Nostradamus’ makes chilling predictions for 2024

A Brazilian psychic dubbed “The Living Nostradamus”, who claims he predicted COVID and the Queen’s death, has revealed his prophecies for 2024.

Athos Salome, 37, has been compared to Nostradamus, the famous 16th century seer who wrote thousands of predictions during his lifetime.

Nostradamus is credited with predicting Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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But it looks like Salome is giving him a run for his money with a series of new predictions for 2024 which include a global catastrophe and contact with aliens.

In the past, the Brazilian celebrity psychic claims he successfully forecast who would win the World Cup in 2022 and the invasion of Ukraine.

Brazilian psychic Athos Salome, dubbed ‘The Living Nostradamus’ has revealed his prophecies for 2024.

Credit: Instagram/Getty

World War III

Salome’s first prediction is that a new threat will cause a global conflict but it won’t originate from current wars in the Ukraine or Gaza.

Salome says the threat will come from an event in the South China Sea or a major cyberattack.

“Any conflicts could have a profound impact leading to recessions in several major economies,” he told The Sun.

Salome also predicted there would be an invasion of the US, coming around 2024.

“The US will be betrayed and invaded, they are planning the attack some time and it will be worse than Osama Bin Laden’s on September 11, 2001,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Two great leaders behind the new episode. So the warning for World War III is done!”

Natural disasters

A series of natural disasters will sweep the globe, and Salome claims to know exactly where these incidents will strike.

Nature “always possesses the capacity to catch us off guard,” he told The Sun, highlighting that the Middle East, Africa and US will all face a series of natural disasters.

These disasters include hurricanes, storms and forest fires.

Talk to the dead

Salome predicts that in 2024, people will be able to talk to their dead loved ones, thanks to artificial intelligence.

He wrote on Instagram, “The bomb reveal for 2024 or better yet starting in 2024. Imagine talking to deceased loved ones and even discovering secrets from past lives — all thanks to an innovation in artificial intelligence!

“This technology is not just a scientific breakthrough, but a giant step in understanding the human journey. It promises to unravel the mysteries of existence, offering comfort and a profound understanding of our life missions. But how prepared are we for this?

“Experts are watching, debating the therapeutic impact versus ethical issues of this facade. We are on the verge of a spiritual and existential revolution.”

Salome believes that the AI is already being used in secret somewhere in the world.

“Surprise: this technology is the result of a secret international collaboration! Tests are already underway, spinning paranormal and geniuses, exploring the idea that we are more than flesh and bone — we are eternal energy,” he wrote. “The question that remains is: are we about to turn a new page in human history or complicated with forces we don’t understand? 2024, the year that promises to change everything!”

New pandemic

Salome predicts there will be a new deadly pandemic, with lethal viruses which have been entombed in ice in Antarctica for years.

From the South Pole, it will spread quickly and “it will sweep the world and the fight against this new virus will take longer than one can imagine.”

He warned, “If this new virus goes unchecked, suffering, mental and material damage will proliferate death and this virus will be known as the greatest grim reaper in history”.

Antarctica could be the source of a new pandemic, according to Salome. Credit: AAP

Alien contact

Salome believes this year will mark a huge chapter in space exploration.

The Brazilian has forecast in The Sun that humans and aliens will communicate through “encrypted signals intercepted by a network of telescopes” and that a new space race will be sparked after the discovery of an “asteroid abundant with rich materials”.


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